Welcome to this Journey

Welcome to “Paul Sofranko Dot Net”, my “Home on the Web”. It isn’t my first one in the blogosphere outside of my regular sobriety and spirituality blogs, but this will be it, for whatever it’s worth! I have tried this twice before, but abandoned them after a short while. Such are things.

I am a Catholic writer, meaning that I write in a Catholic-frame-of-mind. My stuff may not be overtly Catholic, but there hopefully should be a Catholic feel and sensibility to it.

My name is Paul Sofranko (hence the blog’s name, catchy, eh?), and I am also a sober alcoholic. I have other blogs devoted to sobriety: Sober Catholic and The Four Last Things. This place is to be a site where I can write and post things that are not applicable to those blogs.

“This journey,” as per the title of this initial post, is just my “primary” online venture, a recording and repository of creative efforts, meditations, musings and meanderings. Snippets of writing and poetry may appear here. I have an avocation to write (fiction and freelance) and this may be a sounding board. “Primary,” inasmuch as my fiction, poetry, freelance and overall ramblings will be general in nature, not subject to the focus that my older blogs have.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Until later. 🙂

NOTE: All of the posts in August 2012 on Paul Sofranko Dot Net will be reposts from an earlier attempt at a general writing blog. New material will start appearing in September. These first few days are just “moving in” and “setting up”.

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