Nurturing Vocations

In paragraph 7 of “Divine Mercy in My Soul,” by St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, she writes:

“From the age of seven, I experienced the definite call of God, the grace of a vocation to the
religious life. It was in the seventh year of my life that, for the first time, I heard God’s
voice in my soul; that is, an invitation to a more perfect life. But I was not always obedient
to the call of grace. I came across no one who would have explained these things to me.”

She heard God’s call to the religious life, but wan’t obedient to the Call at first. A part of it was that no one explained it to her; she found no one who was able to speak to her about her experience.

I wonder how many more priests, religious sisters and brothers we might have if more people were willing to discuss such matters and nurture the Call that some receive. Granted, the Call itself should be sufficient, but in competition with the cacophony of the World, that still, small voice of the Lord can be lost.

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