It wants to be a novel

That short story/novellete that I’ve been working on, “Listening to the Lost Voices” has informed me that it wants to be a novel. And so I went through and did some major copy-and-pasting and inserting-of-pages for all the major scenes and sections.

Now it has been percolating, but I should be spending much more time on it, what with a three-day weekend coming up in North America. The weather for my area is calling for rain for all three days, which means extra time to write. (No yardwork.)

As I have been working on it, it seems to be requiring longer exposition of certain things. And I have come to the realization that for me to do it justice, I think a novel is called for.

I read somewhere that stories fall into the category they are best suited (short story, novella, novel, screenplay, stage play, whatever).

OK, off to do some rereading. 😉

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2 Responses to It wants to be a novel

  1. Rereading sounds like a plan.

    About your story ‘telling you,’ #3 daughter is more prolific than I am, and writes fiction. I’ve heard similar remarks from her. I think it indicates that your story is working.

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