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I have been blogging since January 5, 2007. Not here, but at Sober Catholic and later also at The Four Last Things.

I have always aspired to blogging daily. It has never happened longer than 6 weeks (Lent, I forget what year.) I am consistent, inasmuch as over ‘x’ weeks I’ll blog ‘y’ times, but quite often that consistency fluctuates somewhat. That may sound contradictory, “consistency fluctuates somewhat,” but I mean that I have never given it up and never for months on end to the point that you might think I stopped.

I come up with various schemes. Lent worked for one year, but that got tiring and I was grateful for Lent finally being over. I had chosen Lent as that is of importance at Sober Catholic, what with penance and conversion being main themes. I also concocted the idea of something called the “Wisdom Dose,” in which I’d blog every day on one of the passages in the Bible’s Books of Wisdom. That got intimidating and I stopped.

And I do beat myself up over it, I go through periods when I haven’t blogged, and I feel as if I am a poser, a dabbler, a dilettante, and a fraud. I’d write a few posts and feel cured and move on and re-establish a consistency, and then slack off again. {{{sigh}}}

And so forget it. I’ll blog when I can, not worry about it, and accept the fact that I will probably never be a really high-powered prolific blogger. That may change, as I will never give up the aspiration to being a daily blogger, but I’ll just accept what I do, when I do it, and not worry. What happens, happens.

All righty, then!

My newest scheme is to pick 3PM for a time to blog daily. Why 3PM? Because that is the “Hour of Divine Mercy” Jesus died on the Cross at 3PM and that is a time of importance for some Catholics. As best as my schedule permits, I will say The Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3PM, and then do a blog post. I may only get a draft in and not published, but that’s OK. God in His infinite mercy decided to pluck me from the wastes of alcoholism, and so perhaps during the Hour of Mercy I can get and maintain the inspiration to blog.

Yeah! 🙂

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