Meat and potatoes writing and other stuff

Some other rambling thoughts I’ve developed since starting Listening to the Lost Voices is the interrelationships between the various forms of writing I care about, namely fiction, blogging and posting.

I have the idea that fiction writing is the “meat and potatoes” of original writing. It is the oldest and most traditional of the three crafts. And probably the one easiest to earn money with (although if you can earn money posting to social networks, I’d be a member of the 1%.)

Blogging is dessert. It is an indulgence for the most part. Not much money, unless you’ve figured out that “pro blogging” stuff and also post enough to draw sufficient traffic and so hundreds of thousands of people can click on your ads. (Although my pride and joy, Sober Catholic is more a service.)

Posting to social networks is snacking. Unless you’re writing to certain Groups or Communities, and thus attract attention and possibly business offers and opportunities, there’s hardly any way to earn money. Indulgent too, but unlike blogging, no easy way to archive your posts. Google’s Blogger service does integrate well with Google+, so there is that… But otherwise what is said today is essentially lost and forgotten in several weeks by most. Snacking.

Setting aside any value towards profundity that this revelation may have, I am hoping my recently discovered dedication to fiction writing helps my blogging efforts. I don’t blog enough. Perhaps with enough good, solid, nutritional stuff being eaten, I can indulge in some dessert now and then. This is where the “interrelationships” part comes in from the first paragraph. Things feed on each other. You write a novel or short story. You blog about it and post about it to Facebook or Google+ while you’re writing it. Audience building, in part. If your blog is a lifestyle kinda thing, stuff from it may work its way into some fiction.

It should be easier to be a writer today. So many tools at your fingertips that were unavailable decades ago, especially in interacting with readers and potential readers.

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2 Responses to Meat and potatoes writing and other stuff

  1. “Things feed on each other.” – Agreed. That’s been my experience. I’d add offline conversations to the mix, too.

  2. True, on offline stuff. As writers we “observe,” so everything is material.

    On another topic, I’m glad my tweaking WP settings have allowed you to comment w/o being approved. AFAIK, now anyone who has had 1 comment approved can write w/o moderation.

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